Backlight 2

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Backlight 2 is a super nifty application which allows you to play screensavers on your desktop. Isn’t that cool?!! You have a moving desktop while browsing the internet or while whatever you’re doing.

Freshly Squeezed Software also has a bunch of other cool apps which you can get here.



  1. K · March 14, 2007

    This is coolness. I have to admit, this is giving me extra giggles.

  2. hhh · August 26, 2007

    this is awsom.. on my ld ibook… now I cant remimber how to get it on my new Macbook… and its not exsatly easy to find… theres not just a “downlode” buttin… mack it easer!!

  3. Zachery · October 20, 2007

    sadly the freshsqueeze site no longer exists, and i cant find the install dmg anywhere 😦 no one has it archived anywhere online thats searchable 😦 shame.

  4. Paul · October 20, 2007

    No problem! You can use Deeper, by selecting the ‘General’ tab, and choosing an animated background.

  5. jennifer · May 11, 2008

    HELP! Someone gave me backlight2 and I ran it just to see what it did. Now I have this horrible anxiewty-inducing wallpaper that is COMPLETELY BUGGY!!! I can’t get it to turn off. I can’t get it off my computer!!! Help!!

  6. Paul · May 11, 2008

    eh, I’m not really sure wth is going on here, but I’m going to go ahead and give you some standard procedures to follow.

    Firstly, we need to turn off the application. You can force quit with activity monitor (located in Applications > Utilities).

    If that fails, you’re screwed. Try restarting or something? If it opens up again, go to system preferences, and go to Accounts, under System. Go and make sure it isn’t on your login items (so it won’t start up again).

    If these things manage to stop it, use the traditional way of deleting things by trashing them. If it won’t let you delete, use something like MainMenu to force empty trash. If that doesn’t work, use AppDelete to delete all the files associated with application, along with the application itself.

    Let me know how things go! Are you using Leopard by the way?

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