Follow up: How-To Change Icons

Some people might’ve changed icons for certain folders, and therefore have lost the original icons. I foresaw this, and decided it would be good to kinda make a ‘back-up’ folder with all of the original icons. While I don’t have the original icon for ALL of the folders, I have most of them for the important ones (Ex: HD, Apps, Users…).

You can download the original icons here.

For instructions on how to change icons, go to the guide.



  1. K · March 14, 2007

    Thanks for these. I actually downloaded the Monoliff icons and I was just thinking about how to put the originals back but now questions are answered.

  2. Knight · March 14, 2007

    No problem! I only put the main folder icons, cause those are pretty much the only non-generic folders.

  3. Jasper · March 15, 2007

    Possible Shortcut

    I found that I can restore the original icons without re-pasting them. Just go back to the ‘get info’ and highlight the icon that you switched to. Then hit delete. The icon reverts to the original default icon. Let me know if this works for you as well.

  4. Knight · March 15, 2007

    Ah it does! Thanks for the info Jasper! Well, guess you can follow Jasper’s contribution 😀

  5. Sean Lee · April 25, 2007

    Thanks, Jasper, that is a great discovery, I can now enjoy the icons freely…

  6. Ray · July 2, 2008

    Duuuuuude this is very simple
    just go to the folder you want to restore (get info) highlight the icon on the left corner then go to edit on finder and select Edit / Cut.
    that’s it guy’s your orginal icon well show up:))

  7. greaves · January 2, 2009

    hey thnx but the only problem is the amount of time it takes to do eveyr folder is there a way to master set the icons?

  8. Kay · July 16, 2009

    i have copied and pasted to change my icons however i just get a generic jpeg icon instead of the picture i pasted. help!!

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