Safely Delete Applications

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It’s been a while! Yes, I’ve taken a ‘break’ from blogging, but I’m back now, with a nice lil’ app deleter. While unlike Windows *pffft*, you can delete applications on Mac by simple drag and drop to the trash bin.

However, there are certain applications which will often not be completely deleted, especially those with preference panes, or files in your library. With AppDelete, you can easily get rid of all of those files!

Get AppDelete here.

Also, an excellent alternative is CleanApp. There’s a fee of $10, but it’s packed with many more options than AppDelete, so if you want the full package, and willing to pay for it, then CleanApp is for you!

Get CleanApp here. Thanks for the heads up Nick!



  1. Nick · July 24, 2007

    Also try CleanApp, it has a really nice, simple interface, and I have found it very good.

  2. Paul · July 24, 2007

    CleanApp ( is an excellent applications with more features than AppDelete, however you have to pay a fee of $10, whereas AppDelete does get the job done regardless of it’s lack of features as opposed to CleanApp, and is free!

    Thanks for the heads up though, I should’ve provided that one to in case people were interested, perhaps I’ll edit the post and add that in 🙂

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