This is a wonderful freeware app which cuts down the memory of your applications. It can also remove languages or architectures. Unfortunately this is only PPC compatible, so thos of you with the intel macs are gonna have to wait for a newer update 😦

PPC mac-users, get this, you’ll have at least a good 600 MB cut down on memory.

Get Xstrimmer here.



  1. hockpooh · August 24, 2007

    I bought the application Xslimmer and did all my apps. It destroyed my system and I had to clone it from a TWO MONTH OLD backup.

    Will this app do the same ?

    You can read my reviews of Xslimmer on versiontracker.com under user ID ancient_boii_tribe


  2. Paul · August 24, 2007

    Well hockpooh, I’ve never heard of that happening with Xslimmer. Do you know if Xslimmer has been having such problems before? Cause if not, it’s possible that you had some other bug in your OS which caused it to do that.

    Either way, I tried Xstrimmer and it worked fine for me. I suggest you back up your hard drive before you do it (might I suggest using iBackup: https://pimpmymac.wordpress.com/2007/07/19/ibackup-a-freeware-solution-to-all-your-backup-problems/), just to be on the safe side, though I don’t think you should be getting any problems.

  3. hockpooh · August 24, 2007

    Thanks Paul,

    I always do everything right to my Mac. I’m always going to Macfixit to see what’s new in Mac problems and I always use SuperDuper to give me a bootable clone once a month at least. I was two months behind. I’m going to start doing it once a week.

    It may have been possible that there was some clashing going on between VirusScan 8.5, Xslimmer and AppZapper.

    I just dumped Virus Scan cause it was sloing my system down too much, took forever for a disk image to unmount. I went to ClamXav.

    I’ve heard of ibackup. I’ll take a look.
    Thanks again

  4. Paul · August 25, 2007

    Well, it’s obvious you take care of your mac! When I said something might be buggy with your OS, I meant something along the lines of a 3rd party app clashing with something else.

    I had a problem recently where I couldn’t eject a CD with the OS, I had to do it via a 3rd party app, REALLY annoying. I still haven’t figured out the problem, I tried deleting any recent applications I downloaded that might be causing the problem. Still, no solution. Oh well, sometimes, things clash and cause problems.

    And backing up your stuff once a week is a good idea, I do it once every two weeks, but the more times the better I guess.

    Never heard of ClamXav, so thanks for that, I’m gonna give it a skim!

    And let me know if Xstrimmer worked out all right (after you backed up)!

  5. navyn · September 2, 2007

    There was one major bug in the beginning with the language files removing and that was fixed. There are a couple of random bugs that occur with very few people, so just make sure to backup. You can always remove the backup after they work.

    Im really glad you like xstrimmer, its good hearing some positive comments because all there is on macupdate are the negative ones, your site helps a lot validates the effort thank you.

  6. Leila · August 19, 2008

    I used XsTrimmer for all my applications, and after 7 of my applications no longer worked (iWeb, iMovie, iDVD, Safari, iTunes, GarageBand, and iPhoto). I had to reinstall Safari and iTunes from apple.com, and I’m currently hunting down my iLife disc to reinstall the others. I don’t recommend using this.

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