Improve your posture with Nekoze

Everyday, many of us spend hours sitting on a chair staring at a screen, be it at work or at home. The average Briton now spends more than 20 hours a day sitting down. In fact, spending more than 6 hours a day sitting can increase your risk of heart attack by more than 50%.

Now I could list a bunch of statistics from surveys and experiments that may or may not be soundly executed, or scare you with how bad sitting posture can misallign bones and cause serious muscle ache, but I’m not going to do that. Why? Because I’m not a f*cking doctor and don’t know enough about the subject to question those claims, that’s why (and for those who do know what about the topic, please share your insights in the comments).

Regardless, evidence for good posture leading to a healthier lifestyle does exist, so for those of you who want to better themselves, you should get ergonomic chairs, or a standing desk perhaps. If you can’t afford that, you may as well give Nekoze a shot (it’s free!).


Nekoze is a lightweight menubar item of a f*cking cat, which may suck if you hate cats. Otherwise, you’re in luck, because you now have a cat that will piss you off everytime you f*ck up and start slouching, which is good.

By identifying a straight posture when setting up, Nekoze uses your webcam to monitor your posture. If you start to slouch, it will meow at you. What a nightmare. You want this cat to stop meowing at you, right? So sit the f*ck up and it will. What a great cat. Keep on slouching, and it will show an on-screen alert of it being pissed off at you.

Now for those of you who are thinking, this is bullsh*t, I don’t want a cat telling me what to do – too bad, suck it up, it’s for your own good. If you insist on being a wimp about it, you can adjust the settings of how harsh it is on you, and how often it gets pissy.

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 9.21.02 PM

You can also disable the sound if you have coworkers frowning at you every time your computer meows. Not such a bad cat after all.

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 9.21.07 PM

Download Nekoze for free here.


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