How To: Turn Your Mac Into an Airport

Is your Airport not working? Hell, do you even have an Airport? If you are in one of those catagories, then worry not, cause you can still share your internet connection with other computers in your household wirelessly, just turn one of your Mac’s into an Airport! Let’s do this together shall we?

You will need: a Mac with an ethernet port and an Airport card, running Mac OS X.

Step 1: Plug in the ethernet cable of your broadband/modem/whatever to the Mac you wish to use as an Airport. Once that is done, you’re connected to the internet automatically, no configuration needed (thank you Mac OS X :P).

Step 2: Now we need to set that Mac up so that it shares the internet connection with the rest of the computers. To do so, open System Prefences, and click on Sharing pane under the Internet & Network catagory.

Step 3: On the Sharing pane, click on the Internet tab. Go to Share your internet connection from: and select Airport. Now click, Start for internet sharing!

Step 4: Now you’re good to go! Your Airport status menu item should have an arrow on it, symbolizing the signal your Mac is sending out. Now go on your other Mac and connect to the internet via your Aiport Mac 😀

This should work fine, just make sure you keep your Airport Mac on at all times, or you won’t recieve a signal from it. Screenshots from I was too lazy to take my own, besides, they were good ones 🙂


Negative Colors

When in a dark environment where your screen is too bright, or for users that do a lot of photo-editing, it can be useful to invert your screen’s colors. This can easily be done by pressing the following key-combo:

command + control + alt/option + 8

Press the keys again to revert back to normal.

For those who have updated to Mountain Lion (Mac OS 10.8.x), you will find that this shortcut no longer exists. Simply go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Accessibility and tick Invert colors to bring back the option.