Desktop Notifications for Facebook

Desktop Notifications is an experimental tool built by a Facebook engineer. It provides a discrete menubar icon that turns blue when you have a new notification, and allows you to see your past notifications, inbox, as well as providing direct links to updating your status, and reaching your news feed and profile.

The application integrates with Growl, allowing small notification bubbles to pop up when activity you’ve chosen to be notified for has occurred on your Facebook. Clean and lightweight, this application is handy if you want to always know what’s going on with your Facebook, not so much if you can’t afford to waste time on social networking.

Download Desktop Notifications here.


How to: Restore windows and tabs on Safari

One of the great things about other web browsers, such as Firefox and Camino, is that they have many functions that Safari does not have. I’m sorry, I meant, did not have. With Safari 3, many new functions have been introduced, one of which is provided by browsers like the previously mentioned.

All performance enhancements aside, one of the key new features implemented in Safari 3 is restoring one’s last workplace. All you need to do is go to the history tab in the menu bar, and click on Reopen All Windows From Last Session.

Simple as that! The nice thing about it, you don’t always have a window popping up to ask you if you want to restore or not, like Camino, instead, you just use that menu tool when you need it.

Screenshots in Mac OS X

A complete and concise guide about screenshots in Mac OS X, and everything you need to know about them.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Full Screenshot: Fairly well known, by pressing Command () + Shift + 3 you will get a full screenshot.

Selective Screenshot: Much less known than the Full Screenshot, by pressing Command () + Shift + 4 your mouse will turn into a sort of cross-hair that will allow you to select the portion of the screen which you would like to capture.

Perfect Selective Screenshot: Barely anyone knows this sucker! Press the same key combination used for a Selective Screenshot, but before selecting the portion you want to capture, press space. Your mouse cursor will turn into a camera and simply mouseover whatever you want (i.e. windows, icons) and it will take the screenshot to the exact pixel!

Taking a screenshot of a webpage: While you can do this with a Selective or Perfect Selective Screenshot, sometimes, the whole webpage is just too big to capture the whole thing in one screenshot. That’s when Paparazzi! comes in. This handy freeware application will take a screenshot of the full webpage, all you have to do is enter the URL of the webpage, and leave the rest to Paparazzi! It also allows you to change the size of the image you want, and has a cropping feature.

Get Paparazzi! here.

Other information concerning screenshots:

Changing the image format: The default image format of screenshots in Mac OS X is PNG. However, you can easily change the format to any other image format with a customization/maintenance application. Might I recommend Onyx?

Get Onyx here.

For those who want to use an application to take screenshots, I recommend SnapNDrag, you can also select the image format you want when taking the screenshot.

Get SnapNDrag here.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about taking screenshots in Mac OS X!

How To: Turn Your Mac Into an Airport

Is your Airport not working? Hell, do you even have an Airport? If you are in one of those catagories, then worry not, cause you can still share your internet connection with other computers in your household wirelessly, just turn one of your Mac’s into an Airport! Let’s do this together shall we?

You will need: a Mac with an ethernet port and an Airport card, running Mac OS X.

Step 1: Plug in the ethernet cable of your broadband/modem/whatever to the Mac you wish to use as an Airport. Once that is done, you’re connected to the internet automatically, no configuration needed (thank you Mac OS X :P).

Step 2: Now we need to set that Mac up so that it shares the internet connection with the rest of the computers. To do so, open System Prefences, and click on Sharing pane under the Internet & Network catagory.

Step 3: On the Sharing pane, click on the Internet tab. Go to Share your internet connection from: and select Airport. Now click, Start for internet sharing!

Step 4: Now you’re good to go! Your Airport status menu item should have an arrow on it, symbolizing the signal your Mac is sending out. Now go on your other Mac and connect to the internet via your Aiport Mac 😀

This should work fine, just make sure you keep your Airport Mac on at all times, or you won’t recieve a signal from it. Screenshots from I was too lazy to take my own, besides, they were good ones 🙂


One great asset to any Macintosh computer is Growl. There really is no other application like it. It’s a very customizable alert/notification system which integrates with many applications. You can make it notify you when a download is complete, or let you know what song is currently playing on iTunes. It even tells you when your computer maintenance is complete, or all kinds of activity running on your chat client.

You can also customize the appearance of the notifications, be it from Bezel to Smoke, and more can be downloaded. It’s a very elegant addition to the world’s most elegant OS 😛

Get Growl here.
Get more Growl styles here.

A Great Torrent Client- Brought to you by the creators of HandBrake

Yep, HandBrake is one kick-ass software. And so is Transmission.

Yes, in the light of Suprnova, I decided to feature a torrent client (And a very good one at that). Transmission is completely free and has a very simple interface, and is incredibly easy to use. Beats all the others in my opinion. However, why ask for my opinion when you can try it out yourself!

Get Transmission here. You won’t be sorry!

How To: Download YouTube Videos….for free!

I’ve been wanting to download YouTube videos for ages! I’m not sure about windows, but for all the applications that I found for Macs, they were only shareware! Ok, I started to get pissed off, since I wanted to take bits and pieces of videos and make my own cool shit with other works, but to do that, I needed the vid file itself. So, I finally found a solution! This requires Firefox, and works on both Mac and PC.

Step 1: Download Firefox if you don’t already have it. Get Firefox here.

Step 2: On Firefox, go to and download the Media Pirate add-on thingy.

Step 3: Once the extension is installed, restart Firefox. You should see this on the left side of your browser toolbar:

The extension is the grayed out icon that my badly drawn red arrow is pointing too.

Image Hosted by

Step 4: Go to YouTube or some other video site that Media Pirate supports. If you are on a site which it supports, the icon will turn colored, as seen below:

Image Hosted by

Step 5: Now that you are all set up, click on a video, example:

The icon will be colored in. Click on the icon, and a new window or tab will open. It will be a Media Pirate page, asking you if this is what you want to download. Click yes, and once it is fully complete, the download window will pop up, and you will be asked where you want to save it. Once it’s saved, the filename that you’ll get (or at least what I got) is ‘getvideo.’

Simply rename it to ‘nameofvideo.flv

Step 6: To view it on Quicktime, you’ll want to convert it, I suggest converting it to .mp4 (iPod Video format) using iSquint. Get iSquint here.

Step 7: You’re all set! Go download those videos!

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Butler- Boosting your productivity

Image Hosted by

This is perhaps one of the most helpful and practical apps that I use. You know QuickSilver? Well, it’s the same concept, only much nicer. Butler allows you to access applications much more easily, along with adding in some cool finder options, such as searching google through your finder bar, or playing a song without opening iTunes and finding the song.

Get Butler here.