Vecte: A more beautiful application switcher

Hitting command (⌘) + Tab brings up the native app switcher, allowing you to switch through your open applications by hitting tab.

Vecte is a lightweight application that beautifies the function, discretely displaying the application list from the corner of your screen, rather than from the native center overlay.

Just install and use, no setting up necessary!

Download Vecte here.


Sapiens- The Future of Application Launchers

Ladies, Gents, prepare to be awe-struck.

This is fuck-ing beautiful. Quicksilver, your mouse gestures just got owned. 😀

Verrry beautiful, and very simple to use. Basically, you make a circular gesture with your mouse, and *pop* comes a menu with applications which you generally use.

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Sapiens will advance and learn what application you use over time. If you don’t get the application you wanted, just start typing and it will bring up results.

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Seriously, this is definitely worth having.

Get Sapiens here.

How To: Change Icons – The easy way!

My How To: Change Icons guide is perhaps one of my most popular posts I’ve ever made. It shows you how to change icons manually. However, lots of people complained about how it was time consuming to change all of your icons, and people were getting pissy about how the only application which does it for you automatically is CandyBar, which you must buy.

While CandyBar is an excellent application, I have bumped into the freeware, almost equivalent version of CandyBar! Allow me to present to you LiteIcon! Almost has all the features CandyBar does. However, one fairly big thing which it lacks is the ability to change application icons (but you can go ahead and do that manually).

Get LiteIcon here.
Check out CandyBar
Check out the How To: Change Icons guide


One great asset to any Macintosh computer is Growl. There really is no other application like it. It’s a very customizable alert/notification system which integrates with many applications. You can make it notify you when a download is complete, or let you know what song is currently playing on iTunes. It even tells you when your computer maintenance is complete, or all kinds of activity running on your chat client.

You can also customize the appearance of the notifications, be it from Bezel to Smoke, and more can be downloaded. It’s a very elegant addition to the world’s most elegant OS 😛

Get Growl here.
Get more Growl styles here.

Negative Colors

When in a dark environment where your screen is too bright, or for users that do a lot of photo-editing, it can be useful to invert your screen’s colors. This can easily be done by pressing the following key-combo:

command + control + alt/option + 8

Press the keys again to revert back to normal.

For those who have updated to Mountain Lion (Mac OS 10.8.x), you will find that this shortcut no longer exists. Simply go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Accessibility and tick Invert colors to bring back the option.

How To: Personalize your Mac, Make it different, unique!

Today, you are going to learn how to make your Mac different, how to make it stand out, and give it a lil’ something that makes it you!

You want your Mac to be different from others, make it so that it catches other people’s eyes! With three simple steps, you can do just that!

1. Get Uno. Tired of the brushed metal look? Perhaps you want a cleaner, lighter interface? Well Uno is just the thing for you. This powerful interface tool allows you various options for changing brushed metal looks in exchange for different unified skins. Trust me, you want this.

2. Remove that butt-ugly dull gray piece of crap background of your dock. Get a nice, clear, and transparent dock instead! With ClearDock, you can also customize various dock factors, such as the arrows pointing to open applications! Here’s my dock 😀

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3. Notice that my Finder icon was totally pimped out? Or that my trashcan was bleeding? This brings me to my next point: Icons. The best way to make your Mac unique is with icons. CandyBar is an application (demo) which allows you to easily change your Mac’s icons. However, for those who don’t want to pay for an application, you can change icons manually, just by reading my post on How To: Change Icons. You can change almost all your icons manually, however there are few icons such as the finder icon, or trashcan icon which can’t be changed manually.


Get Uno.
Get Clear Dock.
Get CandyBar.
Got to How To: Change Icons
Get the Monoliff icon set. <—-Really nifty icon set.

NEW VID! Many thanks to Travis Tucker!

Adding a custom message at Login

Did you know that you can add a custom message at your login screen? If you have multiple accounts on your Mac and you have to access yours via the login screen, then why not spice things up a little?

My welcoming message is “Welcome foolish mortals” 😀

ugh…right. Well, moving on, you can do this with TinkerTool or with Deeper, from the creators of Onyx.

Get Deeper here.

Follow up: How-To Change Icons

Some people might’ve changed icons for certain folders, and therefore have lost the original icons. I foresaw this, and decided it would be good to kinda make a ‘back-up’ folder with all of the original icons. While I don’t have the original icon for ALL of the folders, I have most of them for the important ones (Ex: HD, Apps, Users…).

You can download the original icons here.

For instructions on how to change icons, go to the guide.