You spent a lot on your device. Time to cover your bases with Prey.

Prey App

You shelled out hundreds on your iOS device, or thousands on your MacBook, you’re being unreasonable if you don’t install this.

Prey is a small system application that takes no time to install and set up an account. In the event your device ever gets stolen, you can login online at the Prey website, and use various tools to track and locate the culprit.

When enabled, it will attempt to connect to any available Wifi network when no internet connection is detected, and locate the device using GPS or Wifi triangulation. You will also be able to delete sensitive data such as stored passwords, and can choose to lock your device.

Best of all, Prey can take screenshots of every session the thief starts on your device, and even take pictures of the thief using the webcam. I won’t even get into the fun to be had using the picture of someone who just stole from you.

Download the app now here. And don’t procrastinate on this one.

Suck it thieves.


How To: Secure Your Files

How To: Secure your files using nothing but your Mac!

Yep, you can now easily secure any data you want without any unnecessary 3rd party software. Let’s do this in the good ol’ steps format shall we?

Step 1: Open Disk Utility, located in Applications>Utilities

Step 2: Select New Disk Image

Step 3: Name the Disk Image whatever you want and choose the size you want it to be, depending on how much data you’re going to be storing in it. For encryption, select AES-128, and keep the format as Read and Write so you can add/remove files from the disk image in the future.

Step 4: Create! Then Disk Utility will ask you to enter a password for which will be needed to open the disk image, do so. Also, tick off the Add to Keychain button, that way anyone who opens it up won’t have the password to it.

Step 5: Now you’re set to go! Whenever you open up the .dmg file, all you do is enter the password and you can add the files you want to safeguard, or remove any files which you’ve been protecting. When you are done with that business, just eject the disk image and anyone who wants to retrieve those files will have to enter the password to open up the .dmg file! Simple eh? With no 3rd party programs, you can ensure that you’re files are perfectly well protected. All that you need to do now is to make sure you don’t forget the password!