How To: Use your iPod as an External Hard Drive.

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted – So, another How to!

How To: Use your iPod as an External Hard Drive

You will need:

Step 1: Connect your iPod to your Mac.

Step 2: Open up iTunes and click on your iPod. Tick the ‘enable hard drive’ box.

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Step 3: You’re done! Now you can drag anything to your iPod! Applications, files, anything! You can also do what I do, which is back up my computer to my iPod.

It’s very easy to back up all of your stuff onto the iPod, but many people waste away memory by copying all their music, videos and photos to their iPod, AGAIN! No reason to, people! First off, it’s already possible to retrieve your photos, there’s a folder named photos when you open up your iPod (assuming you are using a video/photo enabled iPod).

So now how do you retrieve music and videos? Considering these two are probably going to take the most space, we certainly don’t want to simply copy everything to a folder in your iPod. So use a program, like iPodDisk and you might want to read my post on how to do it.

For the rest of your applications and files which you want to back up, simply create a folder in your iPod (which should show up on your desktop) and drag and drop everything there. Voila!


How To: Download YouTube Videos….for free!

I’ve been wanting to download YouTube videos for ages! I’m not sure about windows, but for all the applications that I found for Macs, they were only shareware! Ok, I started to get pissed off, since I wanted to take bits and pieces of videos and make my own cool shit with other works, but to do that, I needed the vid file itself. So, I finally found a solution! This requires Firefox, and works on both Mac and PC.

Step 1: Download Firefox if you don’t already have it. Get Firefox here.

Step 2: On Firefox, go to and download the Media Pirate add-on thingy.

Step 3: Once the extension is installed, restart Firefox. You should see this on the left side of your browser toolbar:

The extension is the grayed out icon that my badly drawn red arrow is pointing too.

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Step 4: Go to YouTube or some other video site that Media Pirate supports. If you are on a site which it supports, the icon will turn colored, as seen below:

Image Hosted by

Step 5: Now that you are all set up, click on a video, example:

The icon will be colored in. Click on the icon, and a new window or tab will open. It will be a Media Pirate page, asking you if this is what you want to download. Click yes, and once it is fully complete, the download window will pop up, and you will be asked where you want to save it. Once it’s saved, the filename that you’ll get (or at least what I got) is ‘getvideo.’

Simply rename it to ‘nameofvideo.flv

Step 6: To view it on Quicktime, you’ll want to convert it, I suggest converting it to .mp4 (iPod Video format) using iSquint. Get iSquint here.

Step 7: You’re all set! Go download those videos!

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