Desktop Notifications for Facebook

Desktop Notifications is an experimental tool built by a Facebook engineer. It provides a discrete menubar icon that turns blue when you have a new notification, and allows you to see your past notifications, inbox, as well as providing direct links to updating your status, and reaching your news feed and profile.

The application integrates with Growl, allowing small notification bubbles to pop up when activity you’ve chosen to be notified for has occurred on your Facebook. Clean and lightweight, this application is handy if you want to always know what’s going on with your Facebook, not so much if you can’t afford to waste time on social networking.

Download Desktop Notifications here.


Alfred App


My first post in a long time is bound to be a good one. For that reason, I decided to post about Alfred. This is by far my most used application. Simply put, it is a local and web search tool. For the basic user, it lets you launch your applications, or directly search on the search engine of your choice, including websites like IMDB, Amazon, and YouTube.


It can also perform basic power functions of a Mac, e.g. you can log out or lock your computer by simply bringing up the Alfred window and typing in ‘log out‘ or ‘lock‘. Alfred is available for free, with a purchasable Powerpack, providing additional features including iTunes navigation and theme implementation.

If I had to pick one third party application for my Mac, this would be it.

More information here.
Download here.

How To: Change Icons – The easy way!

My How To: Change Icons guide is perhaps one of my most popular posts I’ve ever made. It shows you how to change icons manually. However, lots of people complained about how it was time consuming to change all of your icons, and people were getting pissy about how the only application which does it for you automatically is CandyBar, which you must buy.

While CandyBar is an excellent application, I have bumped into the freeware, almost equivalent version of CandyBar! Allow me to present to you LiteIcon! Almost has all the features CandyBar does. However, one fairly big thing which it lacks is the ability to change application icons (but you can go ahead and do that manually).

Get LiteIcon here.
Check out CandyBar
Check out the How To: Change Icons guide