How To: Change Icons – The easy way!

My How To: Change Icons guide is perhaps one of my most popular posts I’ve ever made. It shows you how to change icons manually. However, lots of people complained about how it was time consuming to change all of your icons, and people were getting pissy about how the only application which does it for you automatically is CandyBar, which you must buy.

While CandyBar is an excellent application, I have bumped into the freeware, almost equivalent version of CandyBar! Allow me to present to you LiteIcon! Almost has all the features CandyBar does. However, one fairly big thing which it lacks is the ability to change application icons (but you can go ahead and do that manually).

Get LiteIcon here.
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How To: Change Icons

Surprisingly, lots of people don’t know how to change the icons of folders and documents, so I’ve decided to post a lil’ How To on changing icons 😀

While there are various methods of doing so, I’ll be explaining changing the icon of an item by downloading folders with the icon attatched (so its actually a folder which your are downloading, not a .icon file.)

Step 1: Go and download some icon folders! Suggested place are at InterFACELIFT and One of my favorite icon sets is Monoliff from the Panic Blog.

Step 2: Take the folder or file that you want to change its icon, and click ‘Get Info’

Step 3: Then take the folder with the icon that you want to replace the original with, and also click ‘Get Info’.

Step 4: Select the icon you want to replace the original with, it should be highlighted blue when u click on it. Copy it, and then click on the icon that will be replaced (again, it should be highlighted blue) and then, paste it. Viola, complete!

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NOTE: Sorry, the image got cut off and I was too lazy to fix it. It says “Notice it’s highlighted.”

Now that wasn’t too hard was it? If you’re still having problems, leave a comment and I’ll try and clarify things.

UPDATE! Looks like there’s an easier way to change icons

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